EMS Links

Here are some links to people, companies and agencies I find interesting (I make nothing on any of these):

www.RomDuck.com – Rommie Duckworth, a paramedic educator who is worth your time listening to and learning from.

Dr. Jim Ducanto – Dr. Ducanto is an anesthesiologist who has an amazing method of intubating in the presence or likely presence of vomit – the SALAD technique, which I fully recommend to all providers. Google “Salad Intubation” to find more.

SaveLives.com – My favorite source for EMS supplies – Local company staffed by EMS and fire department professionals offering the best prices and customer service on EMS supplies and equipment.

North Star Design – A great source for custom designed Police, Fire and EMS embroidered uniform and off-duty items. Niki Burdick, the owner, is an EMT and EMS instructor, and provides great customer service. You will see me wearing her work almost every day. Visit the website or just call her at 860-535-9199.